Le Meneztrel (The Minztrel) is a mysterious french producer, songwriter, performer,singer,autodidact.He does not care about hype trend,& he’s not limited to any musical genres.He’s not surfing on the « big wave » with flock of sheep !,but he Loves juggling and experimenting different musical univers as : Ethereal Gothic Voices,Medieval Instruments,Hard-Jungle,Drum&Bass,Techno Mental,Industrial,light & dark Ambient,Down Tempo,Atmospheric,Spiritual,acoustik Folk,Xperimental,Noize,Since 1997.


After playing in an instant punk grunge rock in the mid 90.He delves into the world of underground electronic music free parties,and began mixing and composing electronic music.
He joins in the late 90′s a techno sound system named Saltimbank with whom he organized several free parties in France and in other countries of Eastern Europe until 2004,& also someone in association with other sound system meet on the road as T.Boost Sound System,K.G.B (uk) ex Total Resistance.
He played in the 2000′s in France,Poland,Czechia,Hungary,italy.
-2005 Creation of his first label called « Paranormal Effect Records », with one vinyl 12 ‘, and some cds .
-2008 Creation of a new project electro-acoustic music experimental,named « Remote Viewing ».
-2009 produced with « Les Boucles Etrange »,on vynil by the french label « Mouvement Perpetuel ».
-2011 invited By « TeTTSUO » to appeared on his label Lune Rouge.
-2011 produced by the french label « Jungle Therapy »,coproduced by « Audiorythme ».
-2012  Command for a special composition of  music piece for choreography comtemporary dance.
-2013  Release of his first 6 tracks album called « DreamCatcher » available in FLAC audio format on Bandcamp.
-2014 Creation of a new label oriented drum & bass / jungle named Thunder Drumz.
the first vinyl 12′ comming soon for March 2014.
-2015 Released of  a second album 13 tracks intitled « Syntezis » available in FLAC audio format on Bandcamp.)
-2018 Released of an Ep 2 tracks intitled KAËL… available in FLAC audio format on Bandcamp.)